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Refund Cancellation Policy

All cancellations before 30 days is subject to a $50 service charge. No refunds will be issued 30 days prior to camp date, but you can use the credit towards another camp if you choose.



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I agree to Release of Liability as detailed below.

I further understand and I / my child / my ward agree(s) that while in attendance at any camps photos and / or videos may be taken which may be used for promotional purposes.

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Release of Liability

You are agreeing to accept the conditions that you release Lakeland Hockey and its Directors, Coaches, Staff from any responsibility for any accidents or loss however caused.

You understand that the hockey camp for which you have given permission maybe hazardous and that injuries may occur in the course of play and or instruction, and you assume all risks and hazards incidents to your child/your ward/your participation.

You understand that Lakeland Hockey its associates, proprietors, employees, and/or volunteers will not be held responsible for death or an accident, injury, loss or damage however caused, and hereby agree to release and hold harmless Lakeland Hockey its proprietors, management, facility owners and operators, employees, agents and/or representatives, volunteers from all claims, damages, actions, loss, expenses and demands which may arise as a result of, or by reasons of death, injury loss, damage or medical expense may have been contributed or occasioned by the action, inaction or negligence of Lakeland Hockey, the proprietors, management, facility owners and operators, employees, agents and/or representatives.

You further verify that you/your child/your ward have no medical problems and am/is in good physical health and that the above mentioned parties will not be held responsible for any medical, dental, or insurance claims resulting from injury or loss.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for you/your child/you ward medical/dental/health insurance.

You understand and agree that the RELEASEES are not responsible for any health or medical or dental expense you may incur as a result of the Event.

You understand Lakeland Hockey shall provide services to the extent specified and reserves the right to modify the Camp format/schedule/date/location due to force majeure. Due to so-called force majeure Lakeland Hockey is entitled not to host the Camp or terminate the camp without a refund. Lakeland Hockey hold all rights to modify the Camp format / schedule / date / location as it deems necessary. Camp Dates / Times / Locations / Formats Subject to change