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THE Stopwatch For Curlers. Custom Designed to Improve Your Game!

Year after year, Rockwatcher has proven to be the Champion of Timers.

The most convenient and versatile timing solution that allows the curler to locate the Rockwatcher to any position at any time.

Rockwatcher Classic

The original and still a classic. Custom-Designed Angled Display, Narrow Profile, Lithium Battery, Shock Resistant, Time, Calendar and Alarm Display.

Rockwatcher Pro

Our Pro Edition includes extra features like 3-Lap/Memory Recall and a large digit holographic display and lightweight design.

Consider using a “Rockwatcher” that attaches to the broom handle.

Then your timing hand never has to leave the brush handle. World champions and many competitive curlers consider the Rockwatcher to be an important part of their equipment.

Rockwatcher: The First Custom-Designed Stopwatch for Curlers

Established in 1999, it has proven to be the timer for champions year after year. Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Contact us regarding any warranty issues, We want to do what we can to address any failure or defect.

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Used By Professionals Around The World

Team Muirhead Scotland in competition using Rockwatcher

THE Stopwatch For Curlers. Custom Designed to Improve Your Game!


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Phone: 1-877-330-8888

Email: rockwatcher@telus.net


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